ASTROLOGY first concepts

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Astrology first concepts to understand planetary periods and planets

  1. Planets
  2. The natural qualities of the planets
  3. The accidental qualities and dignities of the planets
  4. Twelve Houses
  5. Governors of degrees and of Houses
  6. Ruler or Master of the period
  7. Force of the planets

1. Planets

  • Sun: It symbolizes the mind, consciousness and creative power.
  • Moon: It is the quality of the soul, character and the world of feelings.
  • Mercury: It determines the intellect and mind. Thanks to it we ​​judge ability to adapt and communication of the person.
  • Venus: It represents all manifestations of love. It specifies the quality of love life. It also symbolizes the arts.
  • Mars: It is the capacity for action, the power to undertake and virility.
  • Jupiter: It reflects the ability to improve a situation or success and achievement.
  • Saturn: It demonstrates the power of sudden awareness often caused by restrictions, difficulties or hardships.
  • Uranus: It is the power of thought which focuses towards one goal or one ambition to achieve.
  • Neptune: It represents the various manifestations of myths and illusions of love symbolized by the Water element.
  • Pluto: It symbolizes the major changes and upheavals caused by the destructive power of the Fire element.

2. The natural qualities of the planets

  • Two planets are of natural Beneficent qualities: Jupiter and Venus.
  • Two planets are of natural Middle qualities: Sun and Mercury.
  • Two planets are of natural Evil qualities: Mars and Saturn.
  • Moon is either of natural Beneficent quality or natural Middle quality.

3. The accidental qualities and dignities of the planets

Planets Domicile Exaltation Detriment Fall
Sun Leo Aries Aquarius Libra
Moon Cancer Taurus Capricorn Scorpio
Mercury Gemini – Virgo Virgo Sagittarius – Pisces Pisces
Venus Taurus – Libra Pisces Scorpio – Aries Virgo
Mars Aries – Scorpio Capricorn Libra – Taurus Cancer
Jupiter Sagittarius – Pisces Cancer Gemini – Virgo Capricorn
Saturn Capricorn – Aquarius Libra Cancer – Leo Aries
Uranus Aquarius Scorpio Leo Taurus
Neptune Pisces Leo Virgo Aquarius
Pluto Scorpio Aries Taurus Libra

The planet, which gets the domination of the Domicile, is named Ruler. Example: The Sun is the Ruler of Leo.
A planet is of accidental Beneficent quality when its signs is that of Domicile or Exaltation. It is of accidental Evil quality when its signs is that of Detriment or Fall. Without dignity, it is of accidental Middle quality.

    The combinations between natural and accidental qualities:

  • Beneficent natural + Very Beneficent accidental = Very Beneficent (+).
  • Beneficent natural + Beneficent accidental = Very Beneficent.
  • Beneficent natural + Middle accidental = Beneficent.
  • Beneficent natural + Evil accidental = Middle.
  • Middle natural + Very Beneficent accidental = Very Beneficent.
  • Middle natural + Beneficent accidental = Beneficent.
  • Middle natural + Middle accidental = Middle.
  • Middle natural + Evil accidental = Evil.
  • Evil natural + Very Beneficent accidental = Beneficent ambivalent.
  • Evil natural + Beneficent accidental = Middle.
  • Evil natural + Middle accidental = Evil.
  • Evil natural + Evil accidental = Very Evil.

4. Twelve Houses

  • House I or Ascendant: The body, it also characterizes the ego and personal aspirations.
  • House II: Money.
  • House III: The activity of the mind and all means of communication.
  • House IV: Family, mother and real estate.
  • House V: Pleasure and its fruits, children or artistic creations.
  • House VI: Subordinates and acute diseases.
  • House VII: The official engagements, marriage and contracts.
  • House VIII: The afflictions of life and the end of all process including death.
  • House IX: Higher education, philosophical and spiritual life, and travel abroad.
  • House X or Midheaven: Career, honors and disgraces.
  • House XI: Relationship and friends.
  • House XII: The erasure time, hospitalization, incarceration, chronic illness or exile.

5. Governors of the degrees and the Houses
The Governors of the degrees are deducted from accidental dignities of the planets, the Domicile, the Exaltation, the Triangle, the Term and the Deccan. The last three are regarded as axioms. I tell you what it is necessary in the posts. The governors of the Houses are governors of the degrees where point to the cusps of the astrological houses.

6. Ruler or Master of the period
In a daylight birth, the first period is attributed to the Sun. In a night birth, the first period is given to the Moon. After that in the two cases, the Ruler of each sign get the domination as Ruler of each period in the natural succession of the signs, in the direct sens of the zodiac (Aries, Taurus, Gemini…). It is the sames rules in the case of the Great or the Little periods. The planetary periods are formed by seven planets. You must read the page Astrology to know more.


  1. For a daylight birth with the Sun in Aries, The succession of the periods is: Sun, Mars (Aries), Venus (Taurus), Mercury (Gemini), Moon (Cancer), Jupiter (Sagittarius) and Saturn (Capricorn).
  2. For a night birth with the Moon in Aries, The succession of the periods is: Moon, Mars (Aries), Venus (Taurus), Mercury (Gemini), Sun (Leo), Jupiter (Sagittarius) and Saturn (Capricorn).

7. Force of the planets
The power of the planets in the theme is judged by the twelve astrological houses, the Sun and the Part of Fortune. I tell you the forces of planets for each post.

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