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   The birth chart of the third millennium has been created with my talent of clairvoyance since 1999. It’s the result of my search which beginned in 1997 by the discovery of the 24 planetaries succes- sions. These planetaries successions allow to date the tropical astrology with planetary periods.

   The 24 planetary successions
There are 12 planetary successions for the diurnal births and 12 for the nocturnal births. Only one has been transmetted, of the ancient Greek civilization, knows as Chronocrate, in the Junctin de Florence’s book of the Middle Age, with the french title: Traité des révolutions solaires (Treatise on the Sun returns). This planetary succession jointed with two others tables, called Fridaires which have not the same duration (for instance: 19 months for the sun’s planetary period as Chronocrate but 17 months as Fridaire). In this way, the secrets of the planetary successions has been occulted and the tropical astrology losed the best part of its dating capacities. It’s on May 01, 1997 that I am successful to find these secrets. In France, I published my discoveries in 1997 with the title: Traité d’Astrologie Prédictive-Les secrets des successions planétaires (Treatise on predictive astrology-The secrets of the planetary successions). Since this date, I have continued to study a lot of biographies to create the interpreting rules of the planetary periods. In spring 1999, I understood that the 360° of the zodiac coincide with 80 years, for our contemporary epoch. This discovery permits to install the planetary periods into the zodiac. And also it permits to mark the years in all the birth charts. In spring 2002, I created the Horoscope by positioning the day of the birthday with the position of the specific year of the circle of the years.

    Now, the astrological chart data has three new circles of interpre- ting:
  1. The circle of the planetary periods.
  2. The circle of the years.
  3. The circle of the days.

   The horoscope of 3th millennium is world exclusive, discovered by Daniel DAVAT.

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   The whole Horoscope of the third millennium
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