Bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers

   Bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers

   The fourth financial group of Wall Street, Lehman Brothers announced his collapse on September 15, 2008.

Bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers
   In the Horoscope of USA:
   On September 15, 2008 is situated at 19°12′ of Leo. This degree is in House VIII and has Sun as governor. House VIII is that of the bigger adversities. The day of this event, Sun has a transit of the Midheaven with a transit of Saturn, both in Virgo. They announced the bankruptcy (Saturn of Evil quality in Virgo) resounding (Sun at the Midheaven) of a great bank (Sun, as leader, is situated into the degree of Mercury, governor of the Midheaven and governor of the Part of Fortune).

   In the Solar Revolution of 2008 (RS 2008):
This degree is situated in House IV (of SR). This house give powerfull at its degrees.

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