Boris Eltsine became the first president

   Boris Eltsine became the first president of Republic of Russia

Boris Eltsine first president of Russia
   June 12, 1991, Boris Eltsine became the first president of Republic of Russia, elected with 57% of the vote. The collapse of the USSR and the defeat of the Hitler empire in 1945, are certainly the most spectacular events of the XXe century. Thanks to him, this change arrived without blood bath, which is almost incredible, compared to the military power of the communist USSR. He became famous in August 1991, when he opposed to an attempt at putsch provoked by nostalgic communists. Without fear in front of risks and dangers, he went up on a tank and caused the rallying of the army at his power.

    On June 12, 1991:
  • Age: 60,35 years old.
  • Period Mercury-Saturn.
  • Point of convergence of the circle of the years: 13°13′ of Scorpio, in House V and with a conjunction with the House VI.
  • Position of the degree of the day: 21°38′ of Pisces, with a conjunction with the Midheaven (with 12°14′).
    Astral energies in agreement with this election:
  • Saturn, as Master of the period, has an innate analogy with politics. It has an ambivalent beneficent quality (in Capricorn) and a powerful force (on the cusp of House VII).
  • At the degree of the year (13°13′ of Scorpio), the Sun (11°36′) and Jupiter (12°17′) are natural determining factors of success and glory because they have beneficent qualities.
  • Jupiter is also governor of House X (MH) that of professional sphere.
  • The degree of the day (21°38′ of Pisces) has an conjunction with the Midheaven what emphasizes the sphere of the profession and the honors.

   To conclude:
   Jupiter at the Ascendant in Cancer, its native position, indicates Boris Eltsine has a gracious, opened, liberal and legalist disposition (Jupiter has a very beneficent quality in Cancer, its sign of Exaltation).

  • Sun: at 21°12′, the same degree of the day, its transit reinforces the potential that an event appears in the light of the political scene.
  • Jupiter: at 10°57′, near the same degree of the native Sun (11°36′), its transit accentuates the potential of success.
  • Saturn: at 6°17′, its transit have no influence with this event.

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