First World War – France – Third Republic

   The First World War began on August 1, 1914 by the declaration of war by Germany against Russia. The murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary, and of his wife in Sarajevo by a Serbian nationalist of Bosnia, was the pretext which led the major powers in total war. In response to previous unresolved rivalries, two major alliances were formed the Triple Entente and the Triple Alliance. The Triple Entente regrouped France, the United Kingdom and Russia, who managed to resolve their differences thanks to the Franco-British agreements known as the Entente Cordiale, signed in 1904 and the Anglo-Russian Convention signed in 1907. In opposite stood up Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire, which formed the Triple Alliance. Italy, in first time, ally of Germany chose neutrality then switched sides in 1915. The disagreements between countries found their origins in multiple regional or colonial antagonisms. Such as Alsace-Lorraine lost by France in 1870 in favor of Germany. France, England and Belgium extended their influence in Africa, leaving only little space for Germany which coveted Morocco that stayed under French influence. France gave territories in Cameroon and Congo at Germany against its agreement to formalize a French protectorate over Morocco in November 1911. Kaiser Wilhelm II, with his past military victories and the success of his industrialization, encouraged the German nationalism and militarization of his elites. He chose war to extend his influence.
   On August 03, 1914, Germany declared war on France. Third Republic had more than 43 years old (Jupiter-Jupiter period, from September 4, 1913 to September 4, 1914).
   Third French Republic was established on September 4, 1870 till 17h 15 following the defeat of the armies of Napoleon III and the occupation of France by Prussia. It was suspended at the time of the surrender of the French army and following the establishment of the Vichy regime, the government of the unoccupied zone, subdued to Nazi Germany, on July 10, 1940.
First World War - France First World War - France
  • In the Horoscope of Third Republic:
       On August 3, 1914 is set to 24° 37′ of Aquarius. This degree has a Middle force at the end of the First House.
       The degree of the year is located at 29° 31′ of Pisces. It has a Middle force also at the end of the First House. At forty-three years and ten months, he announces the Jupiter-Jupiter period. Jupiter has a Very Powerful force as governor of Midheaven.

      Analogies of declaration of war:
    • Jupiter, ruler of the period, has a Middle quality in Detriment in Gemini. It has a Very Powerful force as governor of Midheaven. Jupiter, of Middle quality, has an analogy with the injustices and the end of the prosperity that cause war. It is also governor of the House XI, that of friends or enemies. Transit of Saturn, conjunct with Jupiter, has an Evil quality in Gemini and confirms the vicissitudes and hardships. Of Evil quality in Sagittarius and in House XI, it represents the enemies of France. Its negative energy is amplified by Pluto, the god of hell and death. This configuration, Jupiter and Saturn of poor qualities with Pluto, announces enemies who declared war on France (Saturn at 27° 58′ of Gemini is into the exact degree of Mars at 27° 27′).
    • The degree of the year is positioned at 29° 31′ of Pisces. It has a Middle force. It is a degree awarded to Mars (27° 27′) by trine. Mars has an Evil quality in Pisces. At its natal position, it has a Very Evil quality in Cancer (its sign of Detriment) conjunct with the cusp of the House VII, that of wars. He is the god of war in ancient times. In this horoscope, it has a doubly meaning of the war by its bad quality and its connection with the Seventh House.
    • The degree of the day, at 24° 37′ of Aquarius, is into a degree assigned to Jupiter (23° 56′) also by trine. It confirms the influence of Jupiter already present as master of the Period.
  • In the Solar Revolution of 1913 (SR 1913):
       On August 3, 1914 is positioned at 23° of Aquarius in natal First House and House VII of SR.
       The degree of year is set to 25° 26′ in Pisces in natal First House and in House VIII of SR.
       The planetary period is that of Jupiter-Jupiter.

      Most of Solar:
    • Valorization of Mars and the House VII, both signifiers of war:
      • Natal Mars, of Very Evil quality in Cancer is conjunct with the natal House VII;
      • House VII of SR is conjunct with the natal Ascendant;
      • Ascendant of SR into natal House VII;
      • Mars of SR conjunct with natal Jupiter, ruler of the period in Detriment in Gemini (the end of prosperity), conjunct with Saturn of SR (vicissitudes), Governor of the House VII of SR (that of wars) and conjunct with Pluto of SR (the god of hell);
      • The degree of the day at 23° of Aquarius, is into a degree awarded at Mars of SR (24° 32′);
      • The degree of the year, at 25° 26′ of Pisces, is into a degree under the influence of Mars of SR (24° 32′) and of natal Mars (27° 37′).
  • In this horoscope, the position of Mars conjunct with the natal House VII, of Very Evil quality at 27° 27′ of Cancer, indicates World War II. In fact, Mars is positioned after 70 years. 70 more 1870 (year of constitution of the Third French Republic) equals 1940. The open war began with the German offensive of May 10, 1940 against France, which ended the “phony war”. This new conflict will cause the end of the Third French Republic.

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