One million dollars for Ronald Reagan

   On November 18, 1941, Ronald Reagan signed a contract of one million of dollars for seven years with Warner. It was the largest contract got by his agent, MCA, for one of his actors. He was 31 years old. Unfortunately for him three weeks later, on December 7, 1941 the Japanese aircrafts destroyed the American fleet based at Pearl Harbor in Hawaï. This contract was suspended five months later, on April 18, 1942 due to his mobilization.
One million dollars for Ronald Reagan One million dollars for Ronald Reagan
  • In the Horoscope of Ronald Reagan:
       On November 18, 1941 is set to 13° 32′ of Aries. It has a Powerful force in House XI.
       The degree of the year is situated at 5° 28′ of Cancer. It has a Powerful force as conjunct with the Ascendant. At thirty years and nine months, he announces the Jupiter-Saturn period. Saturn in Taurus has a Middle force at the end of the House XI.

      Analogies of that contract:
    • Degree of the day has a Powerful force because conjunct with cusp of House XI. It is located at 13° 32′ of Aries, in a degree under the influence of Jupiter (13° 46′). Into Aries Jupiter has a Beneficent quality and a powerful force in House XI. It is determining of that financial success in the house of revenues (2th house) of the professional activity (derived from 10th).
    • Saturn is the master of the period. It has an Evil quality and a Middle force in Taurus. Saturn has permitted to get this contract because it is also governor of the Part of Fortune located at 10 degrees of Libra. It becomes beneficent for the financial sector.
    • The degree of the year at 5° 28′ of Cancer is conjunct with the Ascendant, but it is not related to finances.
  • In the Solar Revolution of 1941 (SR 1941):
       On November 18, 1941 is situated at 13° of Aries in natal House XI and House VIII of SR.
       The degree of the year is situated at 1° 56′ of Cancer.
       Planetary period is that of Jupiter-Saturn.

      Most of Solar:
    • House VII of SR, that of contracts, is conjunct with natal Venus and the natal Midheaven that characterize the artistic career of Reagan. Mercury of SR in conjunction and governor of Midheaven of SR (in Gemini) confirms an event in the professional sphere. This is definitely the time when the contract was negotiated, in October 1941.

       Note that December 7, 1941, the day of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, is positioned at 1° of Taurus in this Horoscope of Ronald Reagan. This is the degree that follows the position of Saturn (0° 51′ of Taurus). Saturn in Taurus of Evil quality is governor of the House VII, that of wars! It was during its period that the contract of one million dollars was suspended because of his engagement on April 18, 1942 (period Jupiter-Saturn, from November 06, 1940 to May 7, 1943).

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