Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor

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On Sunday 7 December 1941 (at 7:53 a.m. local time and 2:23 a.m. Washington time), the Japanese air force attacked, without a declaration of war, the American base of Pearl Harbor located in the Hawaiian archipelago in the Pacific. Most of American planes and ships were destroyed or sunk. Fortunately, on that day, the American aircraft carriers were away from their home port. The attack on Pearl Harbor was the trigger for the United States to enter the war.
Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor

For worldwide astrology, I use the US natal chart of the Declaration of Independence of 4 July 1776. The dating of the 360° of the zodiac is done for a duration of 80 years. The charts are created from 1776, 1856, 1936 or 2016 onwards.

Japanese attack
on Pearl Harbor
Horoscope on
7 December 1941
Solar Revolution
of 1941
Ages: 5,42 years old 5 years old
Position of the degree of the year: 7°07′ of Leo 5°13′ of Leo
Planetary period: SUN/VENUS SUN/MERCURY
Point of convergence
(at the degree of the year):
MARS (6°03′) MARS (6°03′)
Master of the Period:
Point of convergence:
EVIL (in Leo)
EVIL (in Leo)
The most powerful planet:
Remarkable transits Pluto is in transit on the degree of the year (6°25′ of Leo). Pluto (of SR) is conjoined to the degree of the year (4°07′ of Leo).
  • In the US Horoscope:
    On 7 December 1941 is set in 9°10′ of Capricorn.
    This event corresponds to 5,42 years and the Sun-Venus period. Venus as master of the period has a Feeble force in a combust position at the Sun (to within 2°). It is in conjunction with Mars which also is in a combust position at the Sun (to within 7°) with a Feeble force. It is the Sun which gets the domination because it burns Venus and Mars and it is of Powerful force. It is necessary to interpret the Sun/Venus period as a Sun/Sun period.

    Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor -Analogies

    1. The Sun is of Middle quality in Cancer and Powerful force in House VII, that of war.
    2. The Sun is in conjunction with Mars of Very Evil quality in Cancer, its sign of Fall
    3. The Sun is conjoined with Pluto, the god of death.
    4. The degree of the year is in conjunction with the transit of Pluto in the House VIII, a difficult house.
    5. The degree of the day is conjunct the Moon in Capricorn. It is in opposition with the Sun, Mars and Pluto. It is a very explosive configuration!
    6. In this Horoscope, there are five signs of adversities or war.

  • In the Solar Revolution (SR) of 1941:
    The event correspond to 5 years and the Sun-Mercury period.

    The plus of the Solar Revolution

    • Natal Mercury is of Beneficent quality and Very Powerful force in Gemini. As Master of the period, it is the dominant planet of the year. Conjoined with the natal Part of Fortune and as governor of the natal Midheaven, it represents the financial power of the US state.
    • How was it used during this year 1941? Its position in this Solar Revolution answers at this question. The US financial power directed towards war: Mercury (of SR) is conjoined to natal Mars, the god of war, of Very Evil quality in Cancer, its sign of Fall. It is malefic in the House VII, that of armed conflicts.
    • More, the degree of day at 8° of Capricorn is conjunct House XII (of SR), that of secret enemies (the Japanese air force attacked without a declaration of war).

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