Ronald Reagan, a bullet near of heart

   On March 30, 1981 14:30 a crazy man fired six bullets against President Ronald Reagan on the street in Washington, 69 days after his inauguration. He received a bullet near of heart. It was an explosive bullet! Fortunately, the bullet was shot by an ordinary revolver, not powerful enough to detonate. Three other people of his escort were injured with him. He succeeded to overcome this ordeal in few days and left the hospital on April 11. He was 70 years old, this crime took place in the period Moon-Saturn (from April 7, 1979 to October 6, 1981).
   This crime served his popularity because it was interpreted as the will of God, President Ronald Reagan had to survive to accomplish a great destiny.
Ronald REAGAN, a bullet near of heart Ronald REAGAN, a bullet near of heart
  • In the Horoscope of Ronald Reagan:
       On March 30, 1981 is set to 23° 50′ of Aquarius. It has a Powerful force in conjunction with the Sun in House VIII.
       The degree of the year is situated at 2° 35′ of Capricorn. It has a Very Powerful Force conjunct with the cusp of House VII and Mars in Exaltation in Capricorn. At seventy years and one month, he announces the Moon-Saturn period. Saturn has a Middle force at the end of the House XI.

      Analogies of that crime:
    • The degree of the day is conjunct with the natal position of the Sun which has a Powerful force. It has an Evil quality in Aquarius, its sign of Detriment. It is also located in House VIII, that of the greatest ordeals of life. Into the dissonant House VIII and of bad quality, the Sun represents the criminal who shot against the president. He wanted to shine by a crime.
    • Saturn, master of the period, has an Evil quality in Taurus but it is Beneficent as governor of the Part of Fortune. It is ambivalent. Its negative quality is amplified as governor of the House VIII. Connected with the House VIII, Saturn has an analogy with the vicissitudes of life.
  • In the Solar Revolution of 1981 (SR 1981):
       On March 30, 1981 is positioned at 24° of Aquarius in natal House VIII and House VIII of SR.
       The degree of the year is situated at 1° 56′ of Capricorn conjunct with natal House VII and House VII of SR.
       The planetary period is that of Moon-Saturn.

      Most of Solar:
    • The degree of the day is conjunct with both Suns, Mars of SR and Moon of SR. Both Suns and Mars are in Aquarius of Evil qualities, into the sign of the Detriment of the Sun. Mars and two Suns in both Houses VIII represent the criminal and his mental imbalance (dissonant Suns in Houses VIII). The criminal was considered irresponsible and detained in a psychiatric hospital in Washington. His exit rights were stopped when they found him with some objects recalling his senseless love for the lead actress of the film Taxi Driver whose screenplay inspired his crime.
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