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   Ronald Reagan had a difficult period in which he didn’t find actor contract in the end of 1950, for his 40 years. This corresponds to the period Mars-Saturn with Saturn in Taurus of Evil quality and House XI, the revenues of the professional activity (2th derivative House of the Xth).
   In July 1954, the MCA proposed him to present a television show, “General Electric Theater”. He received $ 1250000 per year, almost as much as the famous contract of one million dollar for seven years at Warner in 1941. He had more than 43 years.
Ronald REAGAN 7 01 1954 Ronald REAGAN SR 1954
  • In the Horoscope of Ronald Reagan:
       On 1st July 1954 is situated at 23° 57′ of Capricorn. It has a Middle force at the end of the House VII.
       The degree of the year is set to 2° 14′ of Virgo. It has a Powerful force conjunct with cusp of House IV. At forty-three years and four months, he announces the period Venus-Venus. Venus has a Very Very powerful force in Exaltation in Pisces conjunct with Midheaven.

      Analogies of that new contract:
    • This is Venus as master of periods that gets domination because it has a Very Very Powerful force in Exaltation at the Midheaven. It has a Very Beneficial quality in Exaltation in Pisces. Goddess of the arts, she gets the determining for that new career in entertainment.
    • The degree of the year is from the position opposite to Venus.
    • Degree of the day is conjunct with Mercury and Uranus. These two planets have an analogy with the communication (Mercury) of a modern technology such as television (Uranus) in House VII, that of contracts.
  • In the Solar Revolution of 1954 (SR 1954):
       On 1st July 1954 is set to 23° of Capricorn in natal House VII and House IV of SR.
       The degree of the year is situated at 0° 26′ of Virgo conjunct with natal House IV, in House XI of SR and conjunct with Pluto of SR.
       The planetary period is always that of Venus-Venus (from February 6, 1954 to October 7, 1954).

      Most of Solar:
    • Venus of SR is conjunct with both Suns and the cusp of the House V of SR. This is a double omen that announces the carrying out of his career in the sphere of entertainment.

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