In October 1896, Winston Churchill was transferred to Bombay, in British India. An accomplished sportsman, he became an indispensable member of his regimental polo team. He also used his spare time to read history books, Greek philosophers and French authors. In 1897, Churchill was again a war correspondent. Then he volunteered to go and fight against the Pashtun tribes in Pakistan. His battle reports were his first published accounts in the Daily Telegraph. He also wrote for The Pioneer newspaper. He began to gain notoriety and was even congratulated by the Prince of Wales, his mother’s friend and future Edward VII. In 1898, he was transferred to Egypt, where he visited Luxor and then the Sudan. He took part in the last real British cavalry charge at the Battle of Omdurman in September 1898. He also worked for the Morning Post. In October, back in Britain, he began his two-volume work The River War, a book about the reconquest of the Sudan. Churchill resigned from the army on 5 May 1899, after serving four years, to run for Parliament on the Conservative list, but he only came third in only two seats.
Winston Churchill resigned from the army Winston Churchill resigned from the army
  • In Winston Churchill’s Horoscope:
    On May 5, 1899 is positioned at 21° 58′ of Taurus. This degree of the day is in the House VIII. It is conjunct with Pluto and the transit of the Sun.
    The degree of the year is at 19° 32′ of Sagittarius in the House III and conjunct with the House IV, the Sun, Venus and Saturn transit. It is of Very Powerful force (Sun + the House IV). At twenty-four years and five months, it announced the Mercury-Mars period. Mars is of Very Evil quality in Libra, its sign of Detriment, but must be interpreted as of Middle quality thanks to its conjunction with Jupiter, of Beneficent quality in Libra. It is of Middle force in the first House.

    Winston Churchill resigned -Analogies

    • The degree of the year is conjunct with the transit of Saturn in Sagittarius of Evil quality and Very Powerful force. Saturn means the end of his contract in conjunction with the natal Sun which represents the career.
    • The degree of the day is conjunct with Pluto and the transit of the Sun in Taurus of Middle quality. This combination is significant of a professional upheaval.
    • Mars is the master of the planetary period.
      It is of Middle quality and Middle force. Mars is in connection with the professional sphere by its conjunction with Jupiter that is governor of the degree of the Sun.
    • The accumulation of astral energies of middle or evil qualities (for the transit of Saturn) announces his resignation and even his first electoral defeat. Mars of poor quality also means that he acted with precipitation, despite this upsetting of his destiny, he was in perfect harmony with himself.

  • In the Solar Revolution of 1898 (SR 1898):
    On May 5, 1899 is at 22° of Taurus. It is conjunct with natal Pluto and it is of Powerful force because in conjunction with the Midheaven of SR.
    The degree of the year is at 17° 37′ of Sagittarius. It is in the natal House III and the House IV of SR. It is of Very Very Powerful force because conjunct with the two Suns and the natal House IV. It is also conjunct with Saturn, Uranus and the two Venus.
    The planetary period is Mercury-Mars still.

    The plus of the Solar Revolution

    • At the degree of the day, the conjunction of natal Pluto with the Midheaven of SR confirms the professional upheaval.
    • At the degree of the year, the conjunction Uranus, Saturn with the two Suns is is decisive for his thwarted ambition (Uranus + Sun) which led to his resignation and this first electoral failure (Saturn of Evil quality).

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