On 4 August 1914, the United Kingdom went to war after the invasion of Belgium by the German army.
The pretext for the European powers to enter the war was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austrian-Hungarian throne, and his wife Sophie, on 28 June 1914, by a Bosnian Serb nationalist student. Austria-Hungary turned its suspicions against Serbia. They got the unconditional support of Germany, which thought that the time was right to defeat Serbia, Russia and France. Within a few days, from 25 July to 6 August, many European countries found themselves at war. Two large blocs had formed as a result of the earlier conflicts, the Triple Entente and the Triple Alliance. The Triple Entente consisted of Russia, the United Kingdom and France. It was augmented by invaded Belgium, Japan on 23 August 1914, Italy in 1915, Portugal in 1916 and the United States in 1917. The Triple Alliance was formed by Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire which entered the conflict in October 1914. They were joined by Bulgaria in 1915. Winston Churchill ordered the mobilization of the Navy during the night from 1st to 2 August, just after Germany declared war on Russia. The United Kingdom mobilized 100,000 men. In 1918, the British army consisted of about 4 million of soldiers.
United Kingdom First World War United Kingdom First World War
  • In Winston Churchill’s Horoscope:
    On August 4, 1914 is positioned at 29° 14′ of Libra. This degree of the day is at the end of the House I, conjunct with Jupiter. It is of Powerful force because Jupiter is governor of the degree of the Sun.
    The degree of the year is at 28° 09′ of Aquarius in the House VI. It is of powerful force because it is attributed at the Moon (29° 37′). At thirty-nine years and eight months, it announces the Venus-Moon period. The Moon in Leo is of Middle quality because it is in occidental position at the Sun. It is of Powerful force because it is a night birth.

    United Kingdom First World War -Analogies

    • The Moon is the master of the period and opposed to the degree of the year, of Middle quality and of Powerful force. Governor of the House XI as domineering on Cancer, it is in analogy with the origin of this war that started to support an ally (the House XI), Belgium invaded by a secret enemy (the House XII) of the United Kingdom. Indeed, the British authorities had never themselves declared like an enemy of Germany. The Germans surprised by the UK entering the war.
    • The degree of the day is in conjunction with Jupiter, governor of the House VII, that of war.
    • To conclude: The three houses, which are involved, the House XI that of allies, the House XII that of hidden enemies and the House VII that of declared enemies, characterize the beginning of the First World War perfectly!

  • In the Solar Revolution of 1913 (SR 1913):
    On August 4, 1914 is at 29° of Libra in the natal House I and in the House VII of SR!
    The degree of the year is at 25° 07′ of Aquarius conjunct with the natal House VI and in the House XII of SR.
    The planetary period is Venus-Moon still.

    The plus of the Solar Revolution

    • The natal Moon, master of the period and opposite to the degree of the year, is in conjunction with the House VII of SR, that of war.
    • Natal Jupiter, conjunct with the degree of the day and governor of the natal House VII is also located in the House VII of SR.
    • Pluto of SR is conjunct with the natal Midheaven. It is in analogy with the great collective upheavals, disasters and death.
    • The Midheaven of SR (16° 49′ of Sagittarius) is positioned in a degree assigned to natal Mars (16° 34′), the god of war in ancient times.

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