1. The 24 planetary successions and planetary periods of western astrology
  2. Horosccope of the third millennium

Since 1999, I had created the natal chart of the third millennium thanks to my clairvoyance. It is the result of several years of research that I began in 1997, following the discovery of the 24 planetary successions. They make it possible to date and interpret western astrology (tropical astrology) thanks to the planetary periods.

The 24 planetary successions

There are twelve planetary successions for diurnal births and twelve for nocturnal births. Only one has been transmetted, from ancient Greek civilization, under the name of Chronocrate. I found it in a book of the Middle Ages by Junctin of Florence Treatise on the Solar Revolutions. This first planetary succession is associated with two other, called Fridaires which have not the same duration (for example: 19 months for the sun’s planetary period as Chronocrate and 17 months as Fridaire). In this way, the secret of the planetary successions was obscured and the western astrology lost much of its dating capacity.
On 1st of May 1997, I succeeded in unlocking these secrets. In France, I published my work in 1997 under the title: Traité d’Astrologie Prédictive-Les secrets des successions planétaires (Treatise on predictive astrology-The secrets of the planetary successions). Since this publication, I had continued to study a lot of biographies in order to reconstruct the rules of interpretation of the planetary periods.

Three additional circles

In spring 1999, I understood that the 360° of the zodiac coincide with 80 years. This discovery allowed me not only to install the planetary periods in the zodiac, but also to position major events and years. In the spring 2002, I created the Horoscope by matching the day of the birthday on the degree of the specific year (in the circle of the years). This new natal chart allows us to discover the astral energies day by day.

    Now, the 3e millennium chart has three new circles:

  1. The circle of the planetary periods;
  2. The circle of the years;
  3. The circle of the days.


The Horoscope of the third millennium

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