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Thanks to my gift of clairvoyance, I have became a searcher and specialised in solving enigmas. Now, I have resolved two of them.

    The first is the dating of the Third World War. This is the subject of my first book in 1996. I have published three books on this topic:

  • La Véritable Datation de la Troisième Guerre Mondiale (The True Dating of the Third World War), book of 1996;
  • La Fin du Cycle selon le Prophète Daniel et Nostradamus (The End of the Cycle by prophet Daniel and Nostradamus), digital book of 2007;
  • La Prophétie Datée de la Fin du Cycle (The Dated Prophecy of the End of the Cycle), book of August 2011, republished in July 2013.
    The second is the dating of the western astrology. I have published also four books which relate my astrological discoveries:

  • Les Secrets des Successions Planétaires (The secrets of the planetary successions), book of 1997;
  • Douze Cours pour Dater l’Astrologie (Twelve lessons to date the astrology), digital book of 2008;
  • Richesse, Honneurs, Profession… (Wealth, Honours, Professions…), digital book of 2008;
  • Douze Cours pour Dater l’Astrologie (Twelve lessons to date the astrology), book of 2014.
    Thanks to this website you will find in particular:

  • Your free natal chart;
  • Your free charts of Solar Revolutions;
  • Your free Horoscopes, charts with transits;
  • The free astrological posts.

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Daniel is member of the Société des Gens de Lettres, the society of the french authors and writers.


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