Winston Churchill married at the age of 33 and nine months after realizing his ambition to become an MP. He thought he had no right to distraction until this goal was achieved. What if I don’t make it! What a horrible thing! It would break my heart, for I have only ambition to cling to. Elected in 1900, he met his future wife, Clementine Hozier, four years later in 1904 in the Mercury-Moon period (from 30 June 1903 to 2 August 1905). Moon in night-birth charts represents the mother and also the wife. They took four years to choose each other. He proposed to her on 10 August 1908 and they were married on 12 September of that year in St. Margaret’s Church in Westminster, London. His wife Clementine was politically liberal which was in line with his joining the Liberal Party from 1904. She gained ​​a reputation as a level-headed woman of sound judgement. They had five children between 1909 and 1922.
Winston Churchill married Clementine Winston Churchill married Clementine
  • In Winston Churchill’s Horoscope:
    On September 12, 1908 positions at 10° 54′ of Scorpio. This degree of the day is in the House II and conjunct with Mercury. It is of Very Powerful force as governor of the Midheaven.
    The degree of the year is at 1° 38′ of Aquarius in the House V, conjunct with Saturn. It is of Powerful force (Domicile of Saturn). At thirty-three years and nine months, it announces the Venus-Mars period. Mars is of Very Evil quality in Libra, its sign of Detriment. It should be considered of Middle quality because it’s conjunct with Jupiter which is of Beneficent quality in Libra. Mars is of Middle force at the end of the House I.

    Winston Churchill married Clementine -Analogies

    • The degree of the day is conjunct with Mercury, governor of the Ascendant, of the Midheaven and of the Part of Fortune. It is an omen of personal development and happiness because the Part of Fortune is with a happy trine aspect (120°) with Jupiter in Libra of Beneficent quality which is the governor of the House VII, that of the contracts such marriage. Mercury, governor of the Midheaven and of the Part of Fortune, is in analogy with the famous place where the wedding ceremony took place, St. Margaret’s Church in Westminster.
    • Mars the master of the planetary period is in analogy with wedding because it is conjunct with Jupiter, the governor of the House VII, that of marriage.
    • Venus, master of the Grand Period is in natural analogy with wedding.
    • The degree of the year is in the House V, that of love. Its conjunction with Saturn indicates a late marriage.
    • In short: Mercury governor of the Ascendant, of the Midheaven and of the Part of Fortune gets again the domination for this event. On 10 August 1908 took place the application for marriage, which corresponds to 8° of Libra in conjunction with Mars and Jupiter. Mars is the master of the period and Jupiter is governor of the House VII, that of wedding!

  • In the Solar Revolution of 1907 (SR 1907):
    On September 12, 1908 is at 9° of Scorpio in the natal House II, in the House II of SR and conjunct with the two Mercuries.
    The degree of the year is at 28° 07′ of Capricorn. It is conjunct with the two Houses V.
    The planetary period is Venus-Mars still.

    The plus of the Solar Revolution

    • The degree of the day is conjunct with the two Mercuries. This confirms the happiness (ASC + MH + PF) and the prestige of the event.
    • Jupiter of SR is conjunct with the Part of Fortune of SR which itself is conjunct with the natal Moon in Leo. Moon of SR is in conjunction with natal Jupiter in Libra. This double analogy confirms the time of the wife (Moon) and of marriage (natal Jupiter governor of the natal House VII, of Beneficent quality in Libra and Leo).

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