Mr Barack Obama Nobel Peace Prize

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Mr Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on 9 October 2009.

Barack Obama Nobel Peace Prize Barack Obama Nobel Peace Prize

  • In the US Horoscope:
    On October 9, 2009 positions at 17°22′ of Virgo.
    This position is in conjunction with the degrees of Moon (15°02′) and Jupiter (16°40′).

    Mr Barack Obama Nobel Peace Prize -Analogies

    • The Moon is of Beneficial quality at this position with the Sun.
    • The degree of Jupiter is of Middle quality in Virgo, in its sign of Detriment. Together they are of Beneficial quality. This degree is of Very Powerful force, thanks to its conjunction with the Midheaven which is in analogy with the distinctions get at foreign (in the House IX).
    • The degree of the year is situated close to the Part of Fortune in Gemini. It announces chance and money.


  • In the Solar Revolution of 2009 (SR 2009):
    On October 9, 2009 also positions at 17° of Virgo.

    The plus of the Solar Revolution

    • The degree of the day is in conjunction with Saturn (of SR) close to the cusp of the House II (of SR), that of money. The president Barack Obama declared to do a donation to a charitable organization. Saturn in Virgo is of Evil quality, it means the loss (by the donation) of money (House II) of this Nobel Peace Prize. It is a superb analogy!!!
    • The degree of natal Jupiter, of Middle quality in Virgo, is in analogy with the same significance. He did not personally benefit from the money of this award.

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