Bernard Madoff defrauded $50 billion

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Bernard Madoff affair: One of the three major managers of secured loans admitted to have swindled his clients of $50 billion on 12 December 2008!!!

Bernard Madoff defrauded $50 billion Bernard Madoff defrauded $50 billion
  • In the US Horoscope:
    On December 12, 2008 is situated at 15°59′ of Scorpio.
    The degree of the year is at 8°41′ of Gemini. It is in conjunction with the House VII and the Part of Fortune. It announces the Saturn-Venus period.

    Bernard Madoff defrauded $50 billion -Analogies

    The degree of the day is conjoined to the degrees of the Moon (15°02′), the Sun (12°43′) and in the House XII (11°07′), that of misdemeanors and crimes. The governor of these degrees in Scorpio is Mars. It is of Very Evil quality in Cancer, its sign of Fall. It is in conjunction to the Sun, that announce some major events. In House VII, it gives rise to proceedings. Bernard Madoff used his notoriety to embezzle $50 billions of investments. He was the director of Nasdaq, the stock exchange for new technologies. He is said to be one of the world’s biggest swindlers.

  • In the Solar Revolution of 2008 (RS 2008):
    The degree of the day is in the natal House XII and the House VI of SR in Scorpio (15° of Scorpio).

    The plus of the Solar Revolution

    • That confirms the importance of the axis of the houses VI/XII, the axis of crooks and criminals.
    • Moreover Mars (of SR), governor of the degrees of Scorpio, is in conjunction with Saturn (of SR) in Virgo, both of malefic qualities. This conjunction is an indication of bankruptcy through speculation (they are conjunct the House V of SR, that of speculation).
    • As second omen of some difficulties for the financial world in the year, natal Mars is conjunct the House II (of SR), that of finance. It also is governor of the natal House V (in Aries) and the House XII (of SR). It is of Very Evil quality in Cancer, its sign of Fall.

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