Boris Yeltsin first President of Russia

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On 12 June 1991, Boris Yeltsin became the first President of the Russian Republic, elected with 57% of the vote.
The collapse of the USSR and the defeat of Hitler’s empire in 1945 were certainly the most spectacular events of the 20th century. Thanks to him, this transformation was achieved without bloodshed, which is almost unbelievable compared to the military power of the communist USSR. Boris Yeltsin became famous in August 1991, when he opposed an attempted putsch by nostalgic communists. At the risk of his life, he climbed on a tank and provoked the army to rally to his power.

Boris Yeltsin first president of Russia


    On 12 June 1991:

  • Age: 60,35 years old.
  • Period Mercury-Saturn.
  • Position of the degree of the year:
    13°13′ of Scorpio, in House V and in conjunction with the House VI.
  • Position of the degree of the day:
    21°38′ of Pisces, in conjunction with the Midheaven (to within 12°14′).


Boris Yeltsin first President of Russia -Analogies

  • Saturn, as Master of the period, is of innate analogy with politics. It is of ambivalent Beneficent quality (in Capricorn, its sign of Domicile) and of Powerful force (close to the cusp of the House VII).
  • The degree of the day (21°38′ of Pisces) is in conjunction with the Midheaven which is in analogy with profession. It is in analogy with the honors thanks to Jupiter, its governor of Very Beneficent quality in Cancer, its sign of Exaltation. Jupiter positions close to the Ascendant, its an omen of success.
  • At the degree of the year (13°13′ of Scorpio), the Sun (11°36′) and Jupiter (12°17′) are natural determining factors of success and glory because they are of beneficent qualities (thanks to Jupiter in Scorpio).
  • Jupiter situated at the Ascendant indicates Boris Yeltsin is of gracious, opened and liberal disposition thanks to its very happy quality in Cancer.

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