Financial Nasdaq crash (George BUSH theme)

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On 10 March 2000, Nasdaq reached its all-time high of 5,048.62 points! In thirty-one months, it will suffer a major fall (78% of its value) causing the bankruptcy of many investors in new technologies worldwide to such an extent that the financial Nasdaq crash of 2002 is called the bursting of the internet bubble.

Financial Nasdaq crash

The natal chart of President or King can be consulted as universal chart in world astrology for his country and even more so for the “World Number One”. It is understood that he has no direct responsibility for the facts presented.

    On 9 October 2002

  • Age: 56,26 years old.
  • Jupiter-Saturn period.
  • Position of the degree of the year: 26°58′ of Pisces on a degree pertaining to Saturn (26°31′). This sector is of Feeble force in the end of House VIII.
  • Position of the degree of the day: 0° 14′ of Cancer which undergoes a Saturn transit (to within 1° 09′). This sector is of Powerful force conjoined to the Sun.

Financial Nasdaq crash -Analogies

  1. Saturn is the Master of the period. It is of Very Evil quality in Cancer, its sign of Detriment. It is of Very Powerful force (close to the Sun and the Ascendant).
  2. The degree of the year positions on a point of convergence of Saturn which is of Evil quality in Pisces in House VIII.
  3. On 9 october 2002 corresponds to 0° 11′ of Cancer. It undergoes a Saturn transit.
  4. This degree is in conjunction with the Sun which is itself under the influence of Saturn, close to it and of malefic quality in Cancer.
  5. The financial field is under the control of Mars situated in House II, that of finance, governor of House V, that of speculation and also governor of the Part of Fortune. Mars is of Evil quality at 9°19′ of Virgo.
  6. On 9 October 2002, Mars is in transit at 26°20′ of Virgo in a degree of Saturn (26°31′).
  7. The financial Nasdaq crash takes place in the most difficult sector of this horoscope, the sign of Cancer occupied by the conjunction Sun-Saturn in House XII, a malefic house, and under five harmful influences of Saturn!

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