First World War Belgium

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On Monday 3 August 1914 at 7 30 am, Belgium responded negatively to the German ultimatum demanding free passage for their troops to France. The First World War began the next day for the Belgian people when the German army violated his territory what caused the outbreak of war for the United Kingdom.
On Sunday 9 August 1914, French President Raymond Poincare decorated Albert First, King of the Belgians, with the Military Medal after awarding the Legion of Honor to the city of Liege. The plan of the German invasion, which had mobilized a million soldiers, had provided for a rapid invasion of northern France through Belgium. But Albert First announced that he would defend the neutrality of his country. «A country that defends itself commands the respect of all, this country does not perish. I have faith in our destiny.» Facing his government and parliament, he insisted to get the armed resistance against the invader. This caused a great surprise in Europe because he had some German ancestry. «I’m Saxe-Coburg, I’m also Orleans, but I can’t forget that I’m mostly Belgian!»
The fierce resistance, of the Belgian army, made lost 15 days at the German general staff. It caused the rapid intervention of the British Expeditionary Force. An army of 150,000 men was detained in Belgium, allowing France to save Paris with a counter-offensive which drove back the German troops from more than 80 miles and resulting in the victory of the Marne, on 12 September 1914. The objective of a quick German victory in France was upset, fixing all troops in trench warfare that lasted four long years.
First World War Belgium First World War Belgium
  • In Albert First’s Horoscope:
    On august 3, 1914 is set in 9° 38′ Aquarius. This degree is of Middle force in House V.
    The degree of the year is situated at 15° 22′ Libra. It is of powerful force in the opposition of the natal position of the Sun. At thirty-nine years and three months, it announces the Mercury-Saturn period. Saturn is of powerful force in Aquarius its sign of Domicile.

    First World War Belgium – Analogies

    • The degree of the year is awarded to the Sun which is in opposition. At its natal position, the Sun is of Very Powerful force in House VII in Aries, its sign of Exaltation. In Libra, it is of Evil quality in its sign of Fall. It is determining of this declaration of war by its bad quality in Libra and by its natal position in House VII, that of war. The Sun in Libra is an analogy which means the King, representative of the Belgian State (Sun in House I) undergoes a declaration of war (The Sun is opposite in House VII but harmful in House I). Its opposition to the degree of the day, does an anticipating of the energies of the next Mercury-Sun period, which begins September 25, 1914.
    • The transits of Pluto and Saturn at the Midheaven announce the time of the vicissitudes (Saturn) and of death (Pluto, the god of the underworld in ancient times).

  • In the Solar Revolution of 1914 (SR 1914):
    August 3, 1914 is positioned at 8° of Aquarius in natal House V, in House XII of SR and conjunct with the Ascendant of SR.
    The degree of year is set in 13° 56′ of Libra in the natal First House and House VII of SR.
    The planetary period is Mercury-Saturn.

    The plus of Solar Revolution

    • Valorizations of House VII, that of war and Pluto:
      • The degree of the year is awarded to the Sun in opposition. At its natal position, the Sun is of Very Powerful force in natal House VII, that of war.
      • The degree of the year, is situated in the Seventh House of SR.
      • Pluto of SR is positioned at the natal Midheaven. It announces upheavals and collective death (Pluto) for the new year.

      In this Solar Revolution, there are 3 direct analogies that connect the dating of the degree of the year with the House VII (war), Pluto (the forces of destruction) and Midheaven at the time of the war for Belgium, on August 3, 1914.

  • First World War Belgium – In the horoscope of King Albert First, 1914 corresponds to his 39th year, in opposition to the natal Sun in VII th House, that of war. The Sun of Very Powerful force and Beneficent quality in Aries means glory and honors got thanks to war.

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