First World War United Kingdom

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George V was the King of the United Kingdom and the Dominions, Emperor of India, who reigned at the time of the First World War (King and Emperor from May 6, 1910 to January 20, 1936). From twelve years old, he was forced to join the Royal Navy, attaining the rank of Commander in 1891. George V was the cousin of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, his ally, and also of Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany who initiated hostilities against Belgium.

    From 1st to 4 August 1914, Germany went to war:

  • On Saturday 1st August, Germany declared war on Russia at 7.30 in the evening (Russian time).
  • The next day, France decreed general mobilization at 4pm.
  • On 2 August Germany invaded Luxembourg. Without a declaration of war, the German army crossed the French border in three places. At 7pm, Germany sent an ultimatum to the Belgian government to get his cooperation against France.
  • On 3 August, Germany declared war on France and Belgium.
  • On 4 August, the United Kingdom went to war against Germany at 11pm (UK time), after notifying an ultimatum to withdraw its troops from Belgium.

As a result of the war and the deep anti-German sentiment caused by deprivation, suffering and death, King George V changed the name of his royal house to the House of Windsor, abandoning the German-derived Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. George V was the grandson of Queen Victoria and her German-born husband Prince Albert. Queen Victoria’s mother was Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld, also a German-born princess. Although the criticism of the foreign king could not reach George V. Several members of his family also had to change their names. He was one of the first monarchs to use the services of a communications advisor. He worked to create a popular new look of his monarchy.
George V was the first British monarch to appoint a Labor Prime Minister, Ramsay MacDonald in 1924.

First World War United Kingdom First World War United Kingdom
  • In George V’s Horoscope:
    On August 4, 1914 is at 13° 39′ of Cancer. This degree is of Very Powerful force in House V and conjunct with House IV and Part of Fortune.
    The degree of the year is set in 12° 18′ of Taurus. It is of Powerful force conjunct with Venus in Taurus (its sign of Domicile) and also conjunct with Pluto and Mercury. At forty-nine years and two months, it announces the Saturn-Moon period. The Moon is of Powerful force conjunct with the Seventh House.

    First World War United Kingdom – Analogies

    • The degree of the day is of Very Powerful force in House V, conjunct with House IV and Part of Fortune. It is also close to the degrees of the Sun (12° 26′) and Pluto (15° 32′), the god of death of ancient time that is a harbinger of mourning for the English nation (House IV).
    • The Moon, master of the period, is of Beneficent quality because it is oriental to the Sun. Of Powerful force, it determines war in House VII, that of declared enemies. Saturn, master of the Great Period, is also positioned in House VII, of which it is the governor. It amplifies the significance of the Moon.
    • Pluto (15° 32′ of Taurus), conjunct with the degree of the year, announces the collective death which struck his state (in the First House) and all of Europe from the 49th year of King George V.
  • In the Solar Revolution of 1914 (SR 1914):
    On August 4, 1914 (11 pm) is positioned at 13° of Cancer in natal House V and House VII of SR.
    The degree of year is at 11° 33′ of Taurus into natal First House and House IV of SR.
    The planetary period is Saturn-Moon.

    The plus of Solar Revolution

    • Valorization of House VII, that of war and of Pluto:
      • The degree of the day is in House VII of SR.
      • Moon of SR is the Governor of the House VII of RS which is set in 1° 55′ of Cancer. Moon of SR is positioned in natal House VII.
      • The House VII of SR is in the same degree of Pluto of RS (collective death).
      • The degree of the year is conjunct with natal Pluto.
      • The two Moons, Master of the period, are connected at the natal House VII.
      • Natal Saturn, Master of the Great Period, is situated in natal House VII. It is also the Governor of the House VII (in Libra) and of the House XI (in Capricorn), that of the alliances between friendly countries.
      • House VII of SR is conjunct with Saturn of SR, Master of the Great Period.

      In this Solar Revolution, there are 7 direct analogies that link the dating of the degree of the day, that of the year, the Masters of the planetary periods Moon and Saturn with the House VII (war) and Pluto (the collective forces of destruction) at the time of the entry of the United Kingdom into the war, on August 4, 1914.

  • First World War United Kingdom – In the horoscope of King George V, 1914 corresponds to his 49th year, conjunct with natal Pluto (earthly hell), which announces the Saturn-Moon planetary period, the two planets directly connected to the Seventh House, that of war.

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