In 1904, Franklin Roosevelt studied law at Columbia University in New York. He did not graduate but he preferred pass with success the Diploma exams for the New York Bar in spring 1907. He then worked for a prominent Wall Street corporate law firm in 1908, without remuneration for the first year. A legal career did not satisfy him, so he chose politics, the path of his uncle by marriage President Theodore Roosevelt. On 8 November 1910, Franklin Roosevelt won his first election to the Senate, when he only was a challenger in a difficult district. He was 28 years old. He served in the Senate from Albany, the capital of New York State. He became the leader of a reformist group in the state Democrat party.
Franklin Roosevelt elected Senator Franklin Roosevelt elected Senator
  • In Franklin Roosevelt’s Horoscope:
    On November 8, 1910 is positioned at 21° 12′ of Leo. This degree of the day is under the influence of the Sun which is in Leo, its sign of Domicile. It is of Very Powerful force at the end of the House XI, that of friends and supporters.
    The degree of the year is at 15° 42′ of Scorpio in the House II. This degree is attributed to Jupiter (16° 56′) which is in opposition. It is of powerful force thanks to the support of transit of the Sun along with those of Venus and Mercury. At twenty-eight years and nine months, it announces the Mercury-Moon period. The Moon is of Very Very Powerful force at the Midheaven in Cancer, its sign of Domicile.

    Franklin Roosevelt elected Senator -Analogies

    • The Moon is the master of the period. It gets the domination because it is of Very Very Powerful force at the Midheaven which is in analogy with the career. Of Very Very Beneficent quality (in Eastern position at the Sun, in Domicile and master of the Water Triangle), it announces this success.
    • The degree of day and of the year are under the influence of the Sun, as Governor or by its transit. The Sun is of Very Powerful force and of Beneficent quality in Leo, its sign of Domicile. It is of Powerful force in Scorpio and of Beneficent quality thanks to the influence of Jupiter. Of happy quality, it announces success.
    • Note: In 1908 at 26 years old, he worked as a lawyer without remuneration the first year. He was engaged in the Mercury-Jupiter period. Jupiter is in natural analogy with social integration and prosperity. It is of Beneficent quality in the sign of Taurus. It is of Feeble force which is why it has received no remuneration during a year.

  • In the Solar Revolution of 1910 (SR 1910):
    On November 8, 1910 is at 19° of Leo in the natal House XI and conjunct with the House II of SR.
    The degree of the year is at 12° 14′ of Scorpio in the natal House II and the House V of SR.
    The planetary period is Mercury-Saturn.

    The Plus of the Solar Revolution

    • Saturn of SR is conjunct with the Part of Fortune of SR and the Midheaven of SR which has the meaning in the professional domain. It is of Very Very Powerful force. It becomes of Middle quality thanks to its conjunction with the Part of Fortune of SR which is an omen of luck and good fortune.

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