On 4 November 1930, Franklin Roosevelt was re-elected Governor of New York in the Mars-Moon period (from October 30, 1929 to December 1, 1931). He was 48 years old. This second term began after the stock market crash of 1929. As governor, he has managed to mitigate its disastrous consequences through a vigorous policy. His political opponents called him a socialist (which was a pejorative term for them) because he organized the protection of the unemployed through direct financial aids. He did not trust an economy of free competition without any constraints in return. He was able to improve working conditions for children and women by reducing their working hours. He also pursued a policy of protecting the countryside by promoting reforestation.
Franklin Roosevelt re-elected Governor of New York City Franklin Roosevelt re-elected Governor of New York City
  • In Franklin Roosevelt’s Horoscope:
    On November 4, 1930 is positioned at 17° 15′ of Scorpio. This degree of the day is in opposition to natal Jupiter (16° 56′ of Taurus) and conjunct with the transits of the Sun and Mercury in the House II. It is of Powerful force thanks to the Sun.
    The degree of the year is set in 15° 39′ of Aquarius. It lies between the position of the Sun and the Part of Fortune in the House V. It is of Very Powerful force with these conjunctions. At forty-eight years and nine months, it announces the Mars-Moon period. The Moon is of Very Very Powerful force by its conjunction with the Midheaven.

    Franklin Roosevelt re-elected Governor -Analogies

    • The Moon is the master of the Period. Of Very Very Powerful force and Very Beneficent quality (in Domicile and master of the Triangle), it has the meaning of the professional sphere thanks to its dominant position at the Midheaven.
    • The degree of day and of the year are conjunct with the Sun. The degree of the day is of Powerful force and of Middle quality in Scorpio.
    • The degree of the year is of Very Powerful force and of Middle quality thanks to conjunctions with the Part of Fortune and Venus. In both positions, they are in innate meaning of career and honors thanks to the two Suns.
  • In the Solar Revolution of 1930 (SR 1930):
    On November 4, 1930 is at 15° of Scorpio in the natal House II and the House VI of SR.
    The degree of the year is at 12° 14′ of Aquarius in the natal House V and conjunct with the Midheaven of SR.
    The planetary period is Mars-Moon.

    The plus of the Solar Revolution

    • The degree of the year (of SR) is positioned in the exact degree of the Midheaven (of SR). It is conjunct with the two Suns, the two Venus, the natal Part of Fortune and natal Mercury, governor of the natal Midheaven. It is of Very Very Very Very Powerful force. The two Suns and the Midheaven are in analogy with obtaining of the highest responsibilities.
    • The Part of Fortune of SR is in conjunction with the natal Moon, master of the Period. That is an omen of good fortune during the year.

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