On November 10, 1936, Franklin Roosevelt won a second election for the U.S. presidency with an additional 5 million votes (compared to 1932) in the period Jupiter-Saturn (from October 31, 1936 to May 2, 1939). He was 54 years old.
From 1934 onwards, Franklin Roosevelt instituted its policy towards a second New Deal. After reforming the banking system, he decided to compensate for the failure of the private economy with numerous reforms to protect the poorest. He created the Public Works Administration which employed up to 3.3 million people to build roads, bridges and public buildings. The central government hired teachers to teach English to immigrants, actors to perform plays. It also commissioned painters. It acted towards the youth, to reduce the unemployment rate among young people and to encourage them to study. It developed programs to reduce poverty among farmers. Franklin Roosevelt regulated speculative financial markets. He establishes national social security for pensioners, the poor and the sick. In 1935, he signed Pension Act. In the same year, the federal right to form trade unions and to bargain collectively was adopted.
This policy was challenged by his opponents for increasing the federal budget deficit from over $2 billion in 1933 to over $4 billion in 1936. That same year, Roosevelt was re-elected. He won a landslide victory, winning a majority in 46 out of 48 states, by a margin of 11 million votes, contrary to all public opinion polls and forecasts.
Franklin Roosevelt re-elected President of US Franklin Roosevelt re-elected President of US
  • In Franklin Roosevelt’s Horoscope:
    On November 10, 1936 is positioned at 20° 23′ of Sagittarius in the House III and conjunct with the House IV. This degree of the day is conjunct with the transits of Venus and Jupiter. It is of Very Powerful force.
    The degree of the year is set in 12° 44′ of Pisces. It is a degree awarded to the Sun (11° 08′) and conjunct with the transit of Saturn. It is of Very Powerful force (Sun and the House VII). At fifty-four years and nine months, it announces the Jupiter-Saturn period. Saturn is of Powerful force because it is located in a degree of the Moon in Taurus.

    Franklin Roosevelt re-elected President -Analogies

    • The degree of the day is conjunct with transits of Venus and Jupiter in Sagittarius and is of Very Powerful force. Venus is of Beneficent quality and Jupiter of Very Beneficent quality in the sign of its Domicile. They have both an analogy with electoral success.
    • The degree of the year is a degree awarded to Sun. It is of very powerful force. The Sun is an innate determining of the professional domain. Of Middle quality in Pisces, it announces that everything is possible.
    • The master of the Period is Saturn. It does not generate this event.
  • In the Solar Revolution of 1936 (SR 1936):
    On November 10, 1936 is at 17° of Sagittarius conjunct with the natal House IV, the House III of SR and Jupiter of SR.
    The degree of the year is at 9° 14′ of Pisces in the natal House VI and the House V of RS. It is conjunct with Saturn of SR, Mars of SR and the Part of Fortune of SR.
    The planetary period is Jupiter-Jupiter.

    • Jupiter of SR is close to the degree of the day. It is of Very Beneficent quality and of Very Powerful force in Sagittarius, in its sign of Domicile.
    • The Part of Fortune of SR is conjunct with the degree of the year. They are two signs of good fortune.

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