End of the war in Iraq

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End of the seven-year war in Iraq on 1 September 2010.

End of the war in Iraq End of the war in Iraq
  • In the US Horoscope:
    On September 1, 2010 positions at 14°08′ Leo.
    The degree of the year is at 16°26′ of Gemini. It announces the periods Saturn-Mars and Saturn-Jupiter. The change of periods is on 15 September 2010. During all the September month, the energies of the both periods mix.

    End of the war in Iraq -Analogies

    • Mars is of Very Evil quality in Cancer, its sign of Fall. It is the god of war of the ancient world. It is in analogy with the war time.
    • Jupiter is of Very Beneficent quality in Sagittarius, its sign of Domicile and Very Powerful force at the Ascendant. It is in analogy with the peace time!
    • There also is a transit of Saturn in Libra at the Midheaven. It is of Beneficial quality and Very Very Powerful force, in its sign of Exaltation. It heralds the relief of a major adversity.
  • In the Solar Revolution of 2010 (SR 2010):
    On September 1, 2010 also positions at 14° of Leo.

    The plus of the Solar Revolution

    The degree of the day is in conjunction with the Midheaven (of SR), with the Part of Fortune (of SR) and with Venus (of SR). This sector is of Very Very Powerful force and Very Beneficial quality. The Midheaven announces an important pleasant event of a conciliatory nature (Part of Fortune + Venus).

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