One million dollars Ronald Reagan

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On 18 November 1941, Ronald Reagan signed a contract of one million of dollars for seven years with Warner Broth. Studios. It was the largest contract his agent, the MCA, had ever obtained for one of his actors. He was 31 years old. Unfortunately for him three weeks later, on 7 December 1941, the Japanese air force destroyed the American fleet based at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. This contract was suspended five months later, on 18 April 1942 due to his mobilization.
One million dollars Ronald Reagan One million dollars Ronald Reagan
  • In Ronald Reagan’s Horoscope:
    On November 18, 1941 is set in 10° 25′ of Cancer. It is of Powerful force in the House VII.
    The degree of the year is situated at 2° 16′ of Libra. It is of Feeble force in the House IX. At thirty years and nine months, it announces the Mercury-Moon period. Moon is of Powerful force in Taurus in the House V. It isn’t connected with this event.
    The degree of the year has an aspect with Venus (150°) and Mars (90°).

    One million dollars Ronald Reagan -Analogies

    • Venus (3°40′), In the degree of the year, is of Very Beneficent quality in Libra, its sign of Domicile. Happy, it favors finances by its position in the House II, that of money, in Pisces, its sign of Exaltation. It also encourages the profession as governor of the Midheaven (21° of Libra).
    • Mars becomes favorable to remuneration as governor of the House XI, that of income, in Scorpio its sign of Domicile.

  • In the Solar Revolution of 1941 (SR 1941):
    On November 18, 1941 is situated at 11° of Cancer in the natal House VII and the House IV of SR.
    The degree of the year is situated at 28° 44′ of Virgo.
    Planetary period is Mercury-Moon still.

    The plus of the Solar Revolution

    • The degree of the year is under the influence of Mercury, its governor. Mercury of SR is conjunct with natal Venus in the natal House II, that of money. Happy, they favor finances.
    • Degree of the day is conjunct with the Part of Fortune of SR in Cancer. In the natal House VII this announces a very lucrative contract.
  • In short: Mars is ambivalent sometimes it is of beneficial energy other times malefic one. It is the god of war of the ancient times. At 29° of Scorpion, it is also governor of the House XII, that of hided enemies. The contract of one million dollars was suspended because of his engagement in us army in April 1942 after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941, without war declaration (Mars and the House XII).

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