Ronald Reagan cancer at 73

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On 3 September 1984, Ronald Reagan underwent surgery for a cancerous polyp. He was 73 years old. This operation took place in the Saturn-Mars period (from 6 February 1984 to 7 May 1985). This was during the election campaign for his second term. About his age, he said: “I would not make age an issue in this campaign. I would not exploit, for political purposes, the youth and inexperience of my opponent”.
In reality Ronald Reagan already was very popular. In March 1983, he decided to set up a missile defense shield to protect the United States called the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). He considered that the shield would end any threat of nuclear war.
Ronald Reagan cancer at 73 Ronald Reagan cancer at 73
  • In Ronald Reagan’s Horoscope:
    On September 3, 1984 is set in 9° 17′ of Scorpio. It is of Powerful force at the end of the House X.
    The degree of the year is situated at 14° 49′ of Aries. It is of powerful force conjunct with the cusp of House IV. At seventy-three years and six months, it announces the Saturn-Mars period. Mars is of very powerful force in Capricorn, its sign of Exaltation, and conjunct with the Ascendant.

    Ronald Reagan cancer – Analogies

    • Mars, master of the period, is of Beneficent quality in Capricorn its sign of Exaltation. It get domination and announces this surgical operation as governor of the House XII in Scorpio, that of illness and also operations. Its good quality announces that everything went well.
    • This surgical operation made at 9° 17′ of Scorpio conjunct with the degree of Jupiter (13° 44′). It is of Powerful force and Beneficent quality in Scorpio, that is a second good omen for the success of his recovery.
  • In the Solar Revolution of 1984 (SR 1984):
    On September 3, 1984 is positioned at 8° of Scorpio in natal House X and House I of SR.
    The degree of the year is situated at 12° 14′ of Aries conjunct with natal House IV and with House VII of SR.
    The planetary period is Saturn-Mars still.

    The plus of the Solar Revolution

    • The degree of the day is conjunct with Mars of SR of Beneficent quality in Scorpio and with natal Jupiter. That increases the influence of Mars, master of the period. Favorable, it is protector of the body in natal House I.
    • This protection is amplifies by natal Jupiter of good quality in Scorpio in conjunction.

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