Ronald Reagan was elected president of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG an American union of actors) in 1946. He had been on its executive committee since 1941. Then he was elected for seven more one-year terms as SAG president. He had to manage SAG during major crises such as the improvement of television rights for actors and also the period of the Red Scare led by Senator Joseph McCarthy from 1950 to 1954 when many personalities were accused of communist sympathies.
Ronald Reagan always affirmed his support for the American society and its democratic principles and never hid the fact that he refused any support for communism. It was his activity as President of the Screen Actors Guild and also his popularity gained through his television show General Electric Theater that allowed him to run for Governor of California in 1966. He received the Republican Party nomination on June 7, 1966 and won the elections on November 8, 1966 with 57.65% of the vote. He served two terms as Governor from 2 January 1967 to 6 January 1975.
Ronald REAGAN Governor of California Ronald REAGAN Governor of California
  • In Ronald Reagan’s Horoscope:
    On November 8, 1966 is situated at 23° 17′ of Libra. It is of Very of Powerful force conjunct with the Midheaven.
    The degree of the year is set in 24° 38′ of Capricorn. It is of Middle force at the end of the House I. At fifty-five years and nine months, it announces the Jupiter-Saturn period. Saturn is of Powerful force in House IV.

    Ronald Reagan Governor of California – Analogies

    • Conjunct with the degree of the year, Mercury is of Middle quality in Capricorn. In spite of that, governor of the Midheaven, it favours professional activity.
    • At the Midheaven, the degree of the day is close to the degree of Mercury (21° 33′). In Libra, Mercury is of beneficent quality as master of Air Triangle for a nocturnal birth. Happy and of Very Powerful force, it brings about this election victory..
  • In the Solar Revolution of 1966 (SR 1966):
    On November 8, 1966 is at 23° of Libra at the natal Midheaven and in House VI of SR.
    The degree of the year is positioned at 21° 14′ of Capricorn in natal House I, conjunct with the Midheaven of SR, natal Mercury, natal Uranus and Venus of SR.
    The planetary period is Jupiter-Saturn.

    The plus of Solar Revolution

    • The degree of the year is conjunct with the Midheaven of SR and the degree of the day with the natal Midheaven. Natal Mercury influences both positions and announces this election victory through its happy quality in Libra and also in Capricorn thanks to its conjunction with Venus of SR, that is of beneficent quality in Aquarius and that improves it.

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