On 4 November 1980, Ronald Reagan was elected the 40th President of the United States during the Saturn-Venus period (from March 7, 1980 to November 5, 1980). He was 69 years old. He chose George Bush as his Vice-President. Ronald Reagan presented the program Republicans: promise to reduce taxes, strengthen states’ rights and weaken central government. He won with 50.7% of the vote (44 million) against Jimmy Carter (Democrat) who received only 41% (35.5 million), with 46% abstentions.
His took office on January 20, 1981. On that day, while he was giving his inaugural speech in Washington, the 52 American hostages held by Iran for 444 days were released.
Ronald REAGAN President of US Ronald REAGAN President of US
  • In Ronald Reagan’s Horoscope:
    On November 4, 1980 is situated at 22° 36′ of Sagittarius. It is Powerful force conjunct with Ascendant.
    The degree of the year is set in 27° 35′ of Pisces. It is of Powerful force conjunct with the Part of Fortune. At sixty-nine years and nine months, it announces the Saturn-Venus period. Venus is Powerful force in Exaltation in Pisces.

    Ronald Reagan President of the United States – Analogies

    • Venus, master of the period, is of Very Beneficent quality in Pisces its sign of Exaltation. It favors the profession as governor of the Midheaven (21° of Libra with Mercury). Happy, it represents all the potential sympathy and relationship necessary to win such an election.
    • At degree of the year in Pisces, Jupiter influences as governor of the degree. It also is of Very Beneficent quality in its sign of Domicile. Benevolent, it has an innate affinity with successful and prosperity. This significance is doubled as governor of the Part of Fortune that promises good fortune and abundance (which also is conjunct with this degree).
  • In the Solar Revolution of 1980 (SR 1980):
    On November 4, 1980 is positioned at 21° of Sagittarius conjunct with the natal Ascendant and with the House IV of SR.
    The degree of the year is situated at 24° 14′ of Pisces conjunct with the natal House III, with the House VII of SR, with the natal Part of Fortune and with Venus of SR.
    The planetary period is Moon-Saturn.

      The plus of Solar Revolution

    • The degree of the year in Pisces confirms the powerful influence of Venus (of SR) which brings him protection through money as governor of the House II of SR (in Libra) which is conjunct with the natal Midheaven.

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