Subprime mortgage crisis in the United States

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On Thursday 9 August 2007, the US central bank injected $24 billion into the money market. The next day, it issued again $38 billion in an attempt to slow down the rise of the interest rates and to stop the subprime mortgage crisis.

Subprime mortgage crisis in the United States

For worldwide astrology, I use the US natal chart of the Declaration of Independence of 4 July 1776. The dating of the 360° of the zodiac is done for a duration of 80 years. The charts are created from 1776, 1856, 1936 or 2016 onwards.

Since several months, millions of low-income American householders (between one and three million) have been at risk of having their homes bought with variable-rate loans repossessed. They are unable to repay their loans which have become too expensive. They are so many of them that this has caused:

  1. The rise in interest rates;
  2. The fall in property prices following the increase in supply;
  3. Difficulties for the banks to build up their reserves and a fall in their profits;
  4. And finally a risk of slowing growth.

Central banks have intervened in the United States and Europe to provide liquidity and try to stop interest rates from rising. In one year, this causes the worst economic crisis since 1929.

Subprime mortgage crisis Solar Revolution of 2007
Position of the degree of the year: 2°13′ of Gemini
Planetary period: SATURN/MERCURY
Master of the Period:
Point of convergence
(at the degree of the year):
MERCURY (as governor)
The most powerful planet:


In its natal position, Mercury is of Very Beneficent quality and Very Powerful force. It indicates that the United States has the financial capacities to impose its policy.
In the Solar Revolution, Mercury (of SR) is in Cancer and in conjunction with natal Mars and the two Suns.

    This astral configuration means

  • Important loss of money…
    1. Mercury (of SR in Cancer) of Middle quality and Very Powerful force is governor of the Part of Fortune.
    2. It is conjoined to natal Mars (of Very Evil quality in Cancer, its sign of Fall).
    3. It is in conjunction with the two Suns (of Middle quality and Very Powerful force).
    4. The Moon is in opposition with the two Suns. It is of Evil quality in Capricorn and Middle force. It represents money and purchasing power.
  • …owing to speculation…
    1. The Sun is the governor of the House V, that of speculation.
  • … on real estate.
    1. Saturn/Mercury period. Mercury forms a square (90°57′) with Saturn. It announces a financial problem in relation to real estate (Saturn is conjunct the House IV, that of this domain).
    2. The Moon (of SR) is in conjunction with natal Saturn. It confirms the real estate problem.

Subprime mortgage crisis -Dating

The Mercury (of SR) position indicates on 5 August, that of Mars, the most unlucky planet, on 8 August and that of the two Suns on 15 August 2007.
The US central bank supported the money market from Thursday 9 August 2007!!!

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