After his defeat in 1945, Winston Churchill took up his two passions, writing and painting. He accepted the responsibility of Leader of the Opposition obtained through his experience and great popularity. He focused his communication on the international sphere. The victory in 1945 resulted in the strengthening of Stalin’s communist dictatorship. Many European countries, such as sacrificed Poland, found themselves behind the “Iron Curtain” under Bolshevik rule. Winston Churchill positioned the Conservatives political line on the center-right. At the European level, he refused to align himself with an uniform policy, rejecting the European Coal and Steel Community agreements. We are with Europe, but not part of it. Winston Churchill was re-appointed as Prime Minister on 26 October 1951, after the Conservative victory, six years after his political defeat in 1945, a few weeks after the victory. His government was marked by the continuing decline of the British Empire with rebellions in Kenya and Malaya, India having already gained independence in 1947.
Winston Churchill reappointed Prime Minister again Winston Churchill reappointed Prime Minister again
  • In Winston Churchill’s Horoscope:
    On October 26, 1951 is positioned at 7° 35′ of Cancer. This degree of the day is on the exact degree of the Sun, conjunct with the Midheaven. It is of Very Very Powerful force.
    The degree of the year is at 15° 40′ of Leo in the House XI and conjunct with Uranus. It is of Powerful force. At seventy-six years and ten months, it announces the Moon-Moon period. The Moon is of Middle quality because it is in oriental position at the Sun and of Powerful force because it is a night birth.

    Winston Churchill reappointed Prime Minister -Analogies

    • The degree of the day is conjunct with the Midheaven and the degree of the Sun. It is of Very Very Powerful force and doubly determinant of high responsibility (MH + Sun). The Sun in Cancer is of Beneficent quality thanks to its conjunction with the Part of Fortune.
  • In the Solar Revolution of 1950 (SR 1950):
    On October 26, 1951 is at 7° of Cancer conjunct with the natal Midheaven, in the House VI of SR and conjunct with Uranus of SR.
    The degree of the year is at 11° 37′ of Leo, in the natal House XI, in the House VI of SR, conjunct with the House VII of SR, natal Uranus, the Moon of SR and Pluto of SR.
    The planetary period is Moon-Moon.

    The Plus of the Solar Revolution

    • The Midheaven of SR is conjunct with the two Suns, the two Venus and Mercury of SR. This sector is of Very Very Very powerful force and of Very Beneficent quality (Venus). This is an omen of a professional achievement in the year.

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